Got $1,000 to Invest? Here’s our Idea

Written by CHANEL G.

Most likely, you know a lot more about the Vanimaux Capital. We’re experts in identifying technological trends and finding stocks which could be benefited from them.

We did the same with:

  • Amazon and ecommerce are the future of commerce. Since September 6, 2002, our recommendation has increased by +21.538%.
  • Or Netflix, or the streaming trend. Up +36.449% since December 17, 2004
  • Or Booking Holdings: The explosion in online travel has been +10.249% from May 21st 2004.

This is all possible with our calm, long-term, and diversified investment approach. We can sleep well at night. We want you to do the same!

What trends could make the world a better place?

It’s 5G. If our thesis is correct, this could be right around the crucial inflection point.

This could indicate that the stock is in a position for great opportunity. It could also be a great place to invest $1,000 right now. But, you have to wonder… Which stock?

Let’s take a look at 5G and consider what it might signify.

This chart shows how certain tech industries such as ecommerce have rocketed in the past few months, just before the lockdown began. This is Phase 2, also known as an inflection point. Stock gains that were impossible after a decade of hard work can now be achieved in just weeks.

It has been done before. This was even more so when new technologies like the Internet and smartphones reached Phase 2 inflection points rocketlike.

These charts are incredible, aren’t they? These opportunities could have provided investors with incredible returns.

That brings me to today’s message:

5G appears to be at an inflection point, and for good reasons.

Apple’s first 5G iPhones was the reason.

Experts believe 5G is becoming mainstream, even though 5G was only briefly mentioned. Experts predict that 5G will increase 18-fold by 2020, and eventually impact global sales of $13.2 trillion annually.

The potential of is truly amazing.

5G is expected to enable sales that are up to 70X higher than any big data sales in 2019, 22X greater than all sales last year.

Investors are going to be delighted by this development.

Where should you invest?

I don’t think you could do better than to invest $1,000 in Apple. This is your gift. It’s a stock pick that you can use in many of our services. Here’s an interesting twist on Apple that I think is great for small investors like us.

Many people focus on the obvious names like Apple, Samsung and Verizon. Here are some reasons why I believe smart money is doing something different. This means focusing on smaller stocks, which aren’t in the public eye but that offer unique services to 5G.

This means that smaller companies can grow more than Apple. They have risen 2,932% in value since the Motley Fool suggested that members buy shares. The problem is that Apple’s total market capital would have to exceed the US GDP in order to grow by this amount. The Motley Fool experts have a pulse on 5G.

They also found a California business that was not widely known. It is unique in both its business model, and the technology it uses. No matter how large or small the carrier, this company can benefit them all. This company won’t be mentioned in financial media regarding 5G… which is even better news for us. It is making subtle moves that could lead to its stock rising as 5G becomes more mainstream. You may be wondering why the Motley Fool team is trustworthy. You might be interested in their actual verified results.

It is evident that the team can spot tech trends before they become reality. You might have heard about some of The Motley Fool’s early calls on AOL (a 100-bagger, and the huge gains at and Netflix that were mentioned earlier).

These are not the most current recommendations. They all started in 2019, or later.

  • Zoom Video (+265%).
  • Tesla (+1.262%)
  • The Trade Desk (+289%).
  • SolarEdge Technologies (+297%)
  • Appian (+183%)
  • Twilio (+269%)

Motley Fool Stock Advisor has beat the S&P 500 by an incredible 4-to-1 ratio since its inception.

The 5G play could be right in front of our eyes. This stock is worthy of our attention at this historic time. The Motley Fool will release a special report called 5G on the Launchpad: An Investor’s Guide To This Once-in a Lifetime Business Disruption. “

It also includes the company name, ticker symbol, and two additional recommendations that could help you make big profits in 5G. Stock Advisor is completely free to download. Stock Advisor offers a legendary guarantee that you will get a full refund if it’s not for you. To learn more about 5G and its incredible potential, click the button and enter your email. If you’re as enthusiastic about the 5G boom, this could be the right place for you.

Many investors regret not starting earlier. This is the biggest regret. Don’t look back in five year and regret not acting now…before the 5G boom hits the country.