Forex: good or bad idea?

Written by CHANEL G.

This article will provide all the information you need about Forex.

What is Forex?

Forex market, also known as currency market, is an international over-the-counter market that trades currencies. The financial centers serve as an anchor point for international trade and investment. Foreign exchange markets allow companies to convert from one currency to another. It allows for an American company to import European goods and pay Euros even though its income is in US Dollars. Carry trade can also cause a loss in competitiveness in some countries.

A typical foreign exchange transaction involves buying a portion of a currency and paying a part of it. In the 1970s, the modern foreign exchange market was formed when countries began switching to floating exchange rates from their previous regime. This was in contrast to the Bretton Woods system which maintained a fixed exchange rate.

Forex market is unique due to

* The volume of transactions in liquidity market

  • There are many factors that can influence exchange rates.
  • Relative profit margins are lower than other fixed income markets
  • Leverage to increase profit margins relative the account size

It has been called the ideal market that is closest to the ideal, despite central bank manipulation. The average daily turnover of global currency markets was $ 3.98 trillion as of April 2007, according to the Bank for International Settlements. In major global financial markets, $ 3.21 trillion is represented.

Forex brokers: How to invest in forex

Two main types of retail FX broker offer the possibility to trade speculative currencies: brokers (or brokers) and brokers/market makers. The broker acts as the agent for the client in the forex market. They seek the best price and deal on behalf of their retail client. Market makers or professionals, on the contrary, act as principals in transactions and offer a price they are willing to accept – the customer can choose whether to trade. This price.

The client must consider whether the service provider acts as the principal or agent when weighing the merits of currency brokerage services. The service provider acting as an agent usually secures the customer by the most favorable exchange rate among operators. The service provider is the principal and pays no commission. However, the price may not be the most competitive in the market because the service provider has to take on the opposite side of the transaction. This can create a conflict of interests. This could happen.

To sum it, Forex investment requires a good knowledge of finance. Forex is not an easy way to make quick money. This is an investment that should be considered with all the potential risks.

A growing market

According to a 2017 study, more than 500,000 Americans invest in stock markets online each day. The report also shows a 11% increase in French stock market marketers. Even though this figure is still low, it means that online brokers have a lot of potential clients. This is exactly where things get more complicated for French online stock exchange players: Choose your online broker!

It is difficult to see the big picture with more than 50 brokerage companies. We are not only seeing the traditional banks, which we all know well but do not always offer the best service, but we also see more pureplayers and emerging players. How do you make the right choice? It is obvious that the answer to this question is complex. Your investor profile is the first thing to consider.

Are you a future trader? Do your self-assessment

A good assessment of your needs is the first step in choosing a broker. These are some questions that you should ask.

  • What amount will you invest in the stock exchange?
  • What frequency will you place orders? Are you a trader, or an investor?
  • Which market would you like to invest in? (derivative, fr shares, etc.)
  • Are you planning to invest in SICAV and FCP?
  • Do you think it is important to be able send orders via text message? Or via a mobile app?
  • Do I want investment advice? Or do I prefer to do it all myself?
  • Do I really need to have access to the fundamental data?
  • It is vital to have physical contact?

These answers will help you to determine the type of account that is best suited for your needs and then start thinking about how you might become a stock broker. We recommend that you read all account descriptions, including the PEA.

Online brokerage rates

Let’s now discuss the topic that is most important to you: the cost! Online brokers have surpassed banks in this area. Online brokers will typically offer 4x the cost of your bank’s current stock market transactions. An average bank can debit you more than 50 euro for three orders per year on 500 EUR worth of shares, while an online broker will typically charge less than 15 EUR.

You need to be aware of both the brokerage fees and the custody fees. New brokers often offer custody fees. We end up with a system where you only pay what you use. It’s enough to get out there and change the market, opening up new opportunities for even the smallest portfolios.

You will need patience and concentration to analyze each broker and provide a detailed description of your needs. We recommend the comparator because we are too kind at Gagneargent. There are many online stock exchange brokers available for dwarfs. This is the best place to find unmoderated, unique reviews of current stock brokers. This site’s extensive list of brokers, as well as its age (10 years), offers 500 stock market opinions. These opinions are distributed among all brokers on the market. All the best!

Binary options scam or legit?

There have been internet advertisements for years promoting what are known as binary options. If you are a regular user of the internet, chances are you’ve seen advertisements promising you quick money, and even hundreds of Euros in just a few minutes. has studied the binary options concept a lot. We will demonstrate in this article how it is a false good idea for making money and can be compared with a scam.

What are binary options?

Binary options are the act of betting on a trend in a currency or stock’s price. You will bet that the price will rise or fall, and that if it falls you’ll multiply your stake. If you do it wrong, your entire stake will be lost. To make Internet users believe it’s easy to make money with binary options, advertisers present this simple idea. The reality is very different.

Binary options are a scam.

Advertisements promising easy gains are targeted at people who don’t know much about stock market investing and cannot properly analyze it. These people are often losers in the long-term and can lose a lot of their money. It is important to know that only 15% are profitable long-term with binary options. This means that 85% of bettors lose their investment which can often amount to savings over many years.

Binary options are also a scam because of the brokers. A majority of them aren’t AMF-regulated, i.e. They are not in compliance with financial standards, and they are located in tax havens, such as Cyprus, Liechtenstein, and others. This can make legal proceedings more difficult. You may not be able to recover your earnings if you make money from certain brokers.

Advertisers are the other aspect of this concept. You can win binary options by betting according to the trend of a particular price. 8 out of 10 times, this will work. The financial market is unpredictable and can reverse at any time. This is completely false. Binary options are not something you should be considering unless you have good investment knowledge and follow stock market news.

There are many people online who can prove their earnings. However, these proofs are often fake and designed to make you money. You can tell that binary options would work if they were real. Many people would be working full-time and not in poverty. Binary options are a fantasy and many people fall for them when it is a nightmare. To see how many people have lost their savings, you only need to Google the names of brokers. Money is valuable, especially during times of economic crisis. It is difficult to make money, so don’t waste your money on frauds.

Final words

Binary options should be avoided. There are better investments in the stock market that will bring you real money. Binary options are too risky for your savings, and the few expected gains make it not worth the candle.