What Happens To Your Body If You Eat Dragon Fruit Every Day

Written by CHANEL G.

A strange-looking red fruit might be something you have seen in your local supermarket. It is a mango-like fruit with spiky skin that looks like flames or dragonscales. It is also known as pitaya or dragon fruit.

Although it may not be well-known to Americans, it is a very popular and healthy food in Central America as well as Southeast Asia. The flavor is similar to a combination of pear and kiwi fruits. The flesh is a mix of white and red, and it’s full of edible seeds. The skin is yellow to red.

Dragon fruit, which is a fruit of a cactus, has many health benefits. It’s amazing what you can achieve if dragon fruit is consumed once per day.

1. Lycopene Fights Cancer

Red color indicates that the fruit contains lycopene. The risk of developing prostate cancer appears to be reduced by this carotenoid. It has been shown to stop the growth of breast, lung and endometrial carcinoma cells in lab tests.

2. Dragon Fruit May Stop Glaucoma

The activity of P450 appears to be inhibited by dragon fruit. This Cytochrome is normally produced and aids in metabolic pathways such as cellular respiration. (Yes, even cells need to breath!). Congenital glaucoma can be caused by mutations in the P450. Dragon fruit may be able to save your eyesight!

3. How to prepare Dragon Fruit

Select a slightly softer fruit (sorta like the perfect avocado). The dragon fruit should be cut in half lengthwise. You can either scoop the flesh out or cut it in half and then peel it. The rind is bitter and leathery.

Make a smoothie, a fruit salad, a parfait, or dessert pancakes with . You can find many interesting ways to enjoy this remarkable health food on the internet.

4. Dragon Fruit Nutrition

Dragon fruit is a nutritious snack. You’ll find 52 calories, some healthy fat and moderate amounts of carbs and fibre in 3.5 ounces. Vitamin-wise, it has almost 1/3 of your daily vitamin C requirement and 10% iron.

Also, dragon fruits contain high levels of fructose (a form sugar), so be careful.

5. 5.

The Omega 3 as well as 6 fatty acids are high in dragon fruit seeds. These fatty acids have positive effects on nearly every function of your body. These have many benefits, including improving your eyesight and boosting energy. They also help fight aging and protect your heart. Most people don’t get enough. The price of dragon fruit oil is comparable, but it’s likely to be more difficult to obtain.

6. Vitamin B and Vitamin C

To help you break down carbohydrates and digest them, you need to have a variety of the vitamins Bs. They also have a positive effect on mood, energy, skin rashes development, brain function, and mood. Dragon fruit has many Bs!

Vitamin C has been well-known for its immune support. However, it can also be used to prevent scarring and build skin. It is also good for your brain and heart health. It is extremely healthy as one serving of dragonfruit provides 34% of your daily Vitamin C intake.

7. Strong bones and healthy cells

Dragon fruit is rich in calcium and iron as well as phosphorous. Calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth. This mineral is often found in milk so adding dragon fruit to smoothies will boost your intake.

Iron is essential for cells to function well and oxygen transport around the body. Dragon fruit, which is rich in iron, is great for women. You need phosphorus to make healthy cells and tissues.

8. 8.Phytochemicals for Overall Health

Phytochemicals compounds found in plants. Researchers have discovered that dragon fruit contains a number of phytochemicals, which are linked to heart health, lung health, anti-inflammatory properties and improved vascular system.

Dragon fruits are still being researched, so there could be many other benefits to eating them. Researchers may discover important phytochemicals that can boost your health.


Although dragon fruit may seem strange and unfamiliar to some, it is very nutritious. Dragon fruit is rich in nutrients, which can prevent cancer and lift depression. They also improve heart health. It is worth trying once a week. Give it a shot.

You can make a smoothie with it or find interesting recipes. It’s part of the joy of living in a global world economy. Dragon fruit is well worth the effort.

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