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What Can Happen To Your Body If You Eat Sushi

Written by CHANEL G.

Sushi is a raw fish form that has been transformed into an art form. Sushi is a popular food choice and can be found on almost every corner in certain cities.

It is super healthy and full of omega-3 fatty acid. It is fresh so it is healthier than processed food …. It’s amazing what these delicious creations can do.

Not so healthy

Sushi is high in sugar. Rice is made with rice vinegar and sugar. Each cup of rice contains one tablespoon of sugar. Rice spikes blood sugar levels so you get double the sugar. You aren’t eating a very healthy meal if you add the sugar in sauces.

Wasabi gives sushi an extra kick. It isn’t real. Many restaurants offer colored horseradish. One dye, food coloring Yellow #5, is a well-known carcinogen.

Mercury Poisoning

Are you irritable and forgetful about your car keys? Do you feel weak and numb after eating? You might have been poisoned by your sushi last night.

Mercury is found in many ocean fish, including tuna, yellowtail and bluefin, as well as lobster, sea bass, sea bass, and lobster. Mercury can be a side effect of industrial pollution. Mercury is absorbed by fish, and you then get it from eating fish. Mercury is more abundant the more you eat. Eating out is not a good idea. Mercury poisoning can be very unpleasant and have long-lasting effects on children and fetuses.


Avoid sushi if you’re pregnant. Mercury is harmful to your baby and listeria can make it worse. Listeria is a bacterial infection that can be contracted from eating contaminated food such as raw fish.

At risk are pregnant women, newborns and those with compromised immune systems. Headaches, stiff necks, confusion, and convulsions are all possible symptoms. A pregnant woman may have miscarriage, stillbirth or be very sick. Listeria can be contracted from eating bad fish. It can also develop up to seventy-days later.


Salmonella can be caused by improperly prepared food. Most likely, someone did not wash their hands after using a toilet.

tuna has been found to contain salmonella. Salmonella can be transmitted by freezing fish. Salmonella can be prevented by cooking, provided that the contamination did not occur after you eat. Salmonella can be contracted by stomach flu.

Scombroid Food Poisoning

Scombroid food poisoning is not something you should do unless you live near the coast. Have you ever heard of it before? Scombroid food poisonings account for roughly 38% of all seafood-related food poisoning outbreaks.

Fish can rot if they are not kept at the right temperature during transport. The muscle starts to break down and releases histamine. An allergic reaction can cause a rash, flushing, headaches, dizziness, sweating, and other symptoms such as rash, rash, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and flushing. Anaphylaxis can occur if the reaction is severe.

Man-made Toxins

For millennia, we have used the oceans as garbage dumps. Fish are contaminated with pesticides and PCBs. Consuming contaminated fish can be just as harmful as eating the original toxins.

Ciguatera is another man-made poison (fertilizer). Ciguatoxins are not common, but fertilizers in the ocean cause ciguatoxin to create algae to “bloom”. Reef fish, particularly reef fish, can concentrate it through feeding. Ciguatera can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea as well as neurological symptoms such anxiety, hallucinations, and other mental disorders. The symptoms can last for years, or even a few years.


Are you feeling like you’re not the only one in your body? A tapeworm could be accompanying you on this ride. Many internal parasites can be found in animals, including you. Many parasites can be found in fish, which makes it possible for them to make the transition to humans.

Tapeworms can enter your body through the larvae or eggs that live in the muscles of fishes. The larvae won’t be killed because you’re not cooking them. Once the larvae has established itself in your stomach, the tapeworm will share everything you eat.

Herring Worm Disease

Are you experiencing abdominal pain? You might have a herringworm infestation. The cleanup crew (shrimps, crabs, and so on) will remove the infected sea mammal’s poop. The poop should be eaten. Your future sushi will eat that animal. The herringworms are then created when you eat raw fish.

Have you ever felt tingling in your mouth after eating sushi? It could be a herringworm. Vomiting? It is your body trying to rid itself of it. Stomach pain? Your new roommate has made your stomach ache better.


Is sushi too heavy for your stomach? Although it might be delicious, fashionable, and pretty to look at, each bite of sushi could have a life-altering effect. You have a good chance of becoming very sick by eating sushi. Although there aren’t any statistics showing how infections can be broken down by food type, one in six Americans suffers from food poisoning each year.

Avoid sushi for pregnant women, children and those with compromised immune systems. Although the side effects are not pleasant, they can cause serious or long-term harm.

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