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11 Superfoods for People Over 50

Written by CHANEL G.

Our bodies start to deteriorate as we age. This is no secret. Some activities we enjoy can become too strenuous, while some foods that we love might not be as good for us anymore. However, there are many things you can do to slow down the aging process.

A balanced diet is one way to prolong your life and keep you as healthy as possible.

Certain foods are healthy for everyone, regardless of age. However, some foods are especially good for people over 50. All these delicious foods are great for you to enjoy. #10 is a dessert.

As we look at the 11 superfoods that will keep your body looking young long into your golden years, join us.

1. As we age, our risk of developing high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes goes up. Beans are a great way to reduce that risk. Your bad cholesterol (LDL) can be reduced by as little as 3/4 cup of beans and lentils daily. In addition, people with diabetes can increase their blood sugar by eating beans.

There are many varieties of lentils and beans available. You should be able to find one that you like. Remember to rinse canned beans before you eat them. Candies are high in sodium.

  1. Oats

One measure of health that rises rapidly after age 45 for men and 55 for women is heart disease risk. The more cholesterol-lowering foods that you can include in your diet, the better. This is possible because of beta-glucan, a type of soluble fiber found in oatmeal. Soluble fiber binds to cholesterol during digestion, allowing it to be eliminated from your body and not remain in your arteries.

To reduce total cholesterol by 5-10%, consume at least 3g of beta-glucan daily. It’s worth it. People who consume many oats have a lower chance of early death than those who do not. In addition, oats are an affordable staple, so you don’t have to give up on them!

  1. Apples

For many reasons, good old apples can be an excellent dietary staple. Apples help to lower diabetes risk by regulating blood sugar levels. Apples contain 5 grams of fiber on average, which can help lower cholesterol. Apples also contain quercetin, which has been shown to lower blood pressure.

They are also a good source of vitamin C and potassium. Unfortunately, apples make it onto the Dirty Dozen for pesticide residue, so organic is best if you can afford it.

  1. Nuts

It’s hard to resist a salty snack from time to time, but if it comes in the form of chips or crackers, you end up eating a lot of saturated fats and sodium. Nuts are a better choice. Study after study has shown that eating an ounce each of mixed nuts reduces your chances of suffering a heart attack or stroke by 28%.

You don’t need to use mixed nuts. Any variety will work, even the more expensive peanuts. Your nuts can be eaten whole or sliced and toasted as a crunchy topping to salads, roasted vegetables, or casseroles.

  1. Leafy Greens

While we’ve talked a lot about food that can improve your metabolic and cardiovascular health, what about your brainpower? Leafy greens are the answer. Recent research shows that people who consume a lot of greens like spinach, kale, or collards have a higher cognitive ability than those who eat less of these foods.

However, leafy greens can not be mixed with Coumadin. Talk to your doctor about the appropriate portion size.

  1. 6. Berries

Berry of all types is another excellent brain booster. These berries are high in phytochemicals, which can increase blood flow and reduce inflammation.

This results in slower age-related memory loss and lower chances of developing Alzheimer’s. Berries are great because of their high fiber and wide range of vitamins and minerals. Frozen berries can also be great if fresh berries are not available year-round.

  1. Yogurt

Now that your brain and internal systems are functioning well, how about your muscles? It would help if you ate enough protein. Yogurt (predominantly Greek varieties) can be a great option. Studies show that increasing your daily intake of protein throughout the day can help slow down lean body mass decline.

Yogurt is a good source of calcium which is essential for maintaining bone density as we age. Therefore, calcium intake should be monitored, especially for those over 50 and 70.

  1. Carrots

Let’s take a look at carrots as superfoods since we are talking about superfoods. This vegetable can be beneficial to every part of your body, including the eyes, mouth, and skin. Carrots can lower blood pressure, bad cholesterol, improve digestion, reduce your risk of developing cancer, and support heart health.

Carrots are good for you because of their unique nutritional profile. This includes fiber, vitamins A and B8, vitamins C, E, and K, minerals like iron, potassium, and copper, as well as several types of antioxidants, including betacarotene.

  1. 9. Beetroot

Beetroot is another root vegetable with varied nutritional composition. Regular consumption of beetroot will provide you with plenty of vitamins A, C, and fiber. It also contains minerals such as calcium, potassium, and manganese. In addition, it’s rich in antioxidants, which can lower your chance of getting cancer.

  1. Dark Chocolate

Who doesn’t want dessert? We are not going to tell you to avoid sweets. Instead, we will encourage you to consume more dark chocolate. A daily intake of between 30-60g can lower cholesterol, blood pressure, brain acuity and protect skin from sun damage. However, it is essential to remember to use your sunscreen.

To get the best chocolate and the least amount of sugar, choose chocolate that’s 70% cocoa. This will give you a good daily intake of potassium, phosphorus, and zinc, as well as iron, magnesium, and copper. In addition, chocolate releases endorphins that lighten the mood, and it tastes good.

  1. Avocado

Avocados are expensive and have been blamed for millennials not being able to afford homes. However, they are also rich in almost 20 vitamins and minerals such as copper, potassium, C, E, and K.

Avocado consumption regularly will ensure that you have enough monounsaturated fats for your heart and blood pressure.


Are you hungry? You can eat many of the dishes on this list together to create a delicious meal that you feel great about. A powerhouse breakfast is a yogurt or oatmeal with berries added. Lunch: Try a salad with leafy greens and carrots as well as avocado and toasted nuts. For dinner, try beans and brown rice with a piece of dark chocolate.

You can mix and match these superfoods with other sources such as lean protein, whole grain, and dairy to create a balanced diet that will keep your body looking and feeling young throughout your entire life.


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