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Impact of Healthy Food on Life

Written by CHANEL G.

One of the necessities of life, food has a huge effect on our lifestyle. To maintain perfect physical, mental, and social health, one has to consider what type of meal one intakes. Our mood, emotions, and strength of our body are widely dependent on the form of nutrients we eat. Everyone needs a balanced diet that is linked to proper nutrition consisting of minerals, vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates. While eating food, we barely think about what that meal holds and take it just for the sake of our taste. Such habits can disrupt the normal metabolism of a person and can originate toxicants that lead to numerous health hazards.

Benefits of a Healthy Diet

The metabolism a person needs to burn the excessive calories consumed is really important to be taken care of, or else it can convert into fat that is hard to melt. From increasing the flexibility of muscles to having a strong immune system, all of them can be fixed by eating healthy food. It is proven that a certain number of nuts and seeds can cease the development of abnormal cells and help our immune system to fight against them. Even our lifespan is connected to our healthy food. A person with heart disease can manage his diet and cut off oily substances to improve heart health and lower cholesterol levels.

 Furthermore, to keep the bones strong, calcium-containing food can be consumed, women with osteoporosis take vitamin D in their diet, add more green vegetables and fresh juices in their routine meals. Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the things that should be prioritized, getting underweight or overweight more than the required one can be the cause of malnutrition or obesity. Today 13% of the world’s population is obese and facing drastic health issues. As mentioned above, eating food energizes us and can be the source to boost our mood,if we eat well, food makes our brain release happy hormones that work as stress destroyers which also improves mental health.

Obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some forms of cancer are all reduced in those who eat a diet high in vegetables and fruit.

For children, nourishing them with fixed and healthy food, like whole-grain cereals, fruits, nuts, and proteins improve their cognitive abilities and overall efficiency in their daily life.

Drawbacks of Fast/Unhealthy Food

If we look into the diet taken by the younger generation these days, it mostly contains processed and ready-made food and studies have revealed that such people are left undernourished due to improper nutrient intake. The use of oils, cheese, and dairy in junk food gives rise to health-damaging illnesses like diabetes type 2 diseases, hormonal imbalance symptoms in females and raised LDL sugar levels, and stomach ulcers. When we won’t give our body significant energy levels it will also make our brain activity slows and unfold other memory/learning problems.

So How to Regulate a Healthy Diet?

The best way to stick to healthy food is to check the labels of products before buying foods. We have to cut down on fizzy drinks and eat more natural food than those with high sugar and carbs. Avoid eating the same meal daily and shift to a combination of a different variety of food in one plate, it will give our body variation of vitamins, fiber, and proteins that it needs.

You will notice the improvement in your physical and overall health by changing your diet plan to a healthy one. As the energy, we generate by eating healthy food improves our lifestyle by making us refreshed and active.


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